Avro Computers began in 1988 under the name Avro Computer Systems where it grew and evolved into the company it is now. In 2010, Avro Computer Systems was sold, to Andrew (the support dude) and now trades under the name Avro Computers.



Avro Computers is a software company that provides specially designed software for those within the Pawnbroking & Secondhand industries.


All software has and continues to be made to the specific regulations within the relevant ACT of almost all states in Australia. We are continually working with the police to resolve issues and to make sure our software is always up to industry code.

Andrew Willyan


5 Years Managing a Pawnbroking store

7 years as Tech Support for AVRO

6 Years Owner/Tech Support for AVRO

Software can be used for

Pawnbrokers - Secondhand Dealers - Jewellers - Marine - Automobile


PO Box 418

Oxenford QLD 4210


0439 66 111 3

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